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SocialAll simply provide you an API service to facilitate User Registration, User Data collection and Manage your site image with outstanding module integrations.
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Easily integrate SocialAll into your shop, blog, forum or website

No more cost incur or programming skills required!

If you can't find a plugin for your system?

Build your own using our implementation guide or contact us and we will alway as your service.

Social Login

Provide a stable, simple and customizable login to 20+ popular social networks.

We ensure no interruptions in the Social Login service for your User.

Save your development cost by letting us take care of the continuously changing API.

Website owners have seen sign-up rates increase by as much as 70% after enabling Social Login.

It also provides authorized access to user profile data so that you can match it up with your marketing plan

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Social Publishing

Provide a stable, simple and customizable posting to 20+ popular Social Networks.

Make your website widespread to the whole globe through the most popular social networks in the world by using our social publish module.

Easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to bring and manage your brand image by letting users update and publish their status, activity in your site to their social networks account.

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Access to User profile

You can get permanent access to user profile by offering them the sign up with their social account.

This provide you 300+ data points about user’s: name, gender, demographic, email address, country...

That you can use it to build a flawless user experience for your site and a longterm relationship with your customers.

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Social Analytics

What is Social Analytics?

With Social Analytics, website owners get access to far more data fields than traditional sources — such as Google Analytics — because it includes individual users' interests, their gender, education, relationship status, age, and also track their activities across websites.

SocialAll can track the amount of referral traffic your website receives and measure your company’s social reach through Social Analytics.

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Connection Expand

Easy access to the connection between your user and their social network friends.

Make your site even more popular by letting your user invite their Social network friends to your interesting site.

Now you can send an invitation to more user data points by using this Social Inviter API

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