Why SocialAll

15+ Networks

More than 15 social networks are supported with our unified API, and more social networks and features are under development.


SocialAll service is based on basic HTTP request so you can access and integrate with any programming language or platform.


Visibility into users' activity means better, faster decision-making. SocialAll gives you access to powerful reporting & analytics so you can easily see what’s going on.

Time saving

Save development time and resources by using our unified API. Focusing on your core business features, all other social network backends are under our responsibility.

Quick Service

The response time is always the most important to our service. We bring the best experience to your customers.

Cost Saving

We are well aware of too many costs for other business activities you have to pay. This is the reason why our products & services are provided with lowest possible price. Create an application and start it for free now!


Yes. You can start with a one-month free plan. After one month, you can order a plan that best fits your needs, or stop using the service.
Sure, you can upgrade or downgrade your package at anytime.
Yes. But please note that all plans are month to month unless you sign up for an annual plan.
We currently accept payments online via Visa and Master or via Paypal.
It’s up to you. We offer both monthly and yearly subscription options.
No. There are no setup fees, no termination fees and no other hidden costs on any of our plans.
Of course. If you have any difficulties installing our module, our support team is always there for you.
There are two ways to get our support:
- Send an email to: [email protected]
- Contact Skype account: soclall.support
Yes, only one site/domain/instance per license.



$10/ Month
For shopping sites
  • 20+ Networks
  • Full APIs
  • 24/7 Free Support
  • 10,000 Requests

About Us

SocialAll is the service that combine all current popular social network APIs in the world into one unified API in order to make it easier for programmers.

SocialAll supports all social network features (identification, friends, messages, publish, photo / video). We not only save the significant amount of time to learn about API for developers but also upgrading and maintenance when API changes. Using The REST API protocol (HTTP) to communicate with the system / application so that it's easily to develop on any system / language.

Bug fixes and update quickly when there’s changing in API.

There’s widget for all social features.

SocialAll also have the statistic system about the number of users and the number of requests over time.